Alone My Dark Days

An outpouring is here to stay

Lectured by my own thoughts

Too many tears

Too many fears

Too many wrongs

Too little right

Delighted little soul

Never put it exactly so

But trying my best life now


Writing is the greatest healer of humankind.

It set me free.


Humanities of Me

27th of January

On a freezing cold day minus twenty,

I visited the compound, paying respects

Steel tracks guided me,

Through an archway to doom,

What were they thinking?


Imagined trains, whistling steam

Depositing bodies from far and near,

Surely one would imagine,

Too horrific to happen,

What were they thinking?


Remnants of living, lake of sin

This wasn’t living all squashed in,

Imagined beings, howling in anguish

Many departed pyres and pits,

What were they thinking?

The Grim of Mabus

redictions of doom

Fridgid moon

Journey with me

Septic sea

Weird slant on life

Perception is rife




Seeing the future

Now that is brash

Epic Absurdum


Moon drenched shadows,

 Rainbows of the night,

The sweet smell of summer blooms,

 Wafting with an air.

Hear the oceans roar,

 Mightily she blows,

More dangerous than by day,

Gleefully you turn to her.

What makes you ponder,

Guessing games a plenty,

I hasten to venture an opinion,

Visionary genius,

You are the night.