A free to download sample selection of my work.

Humanities of Me

A debut collection of poetic writing, reflecting the diverse life of Shay O’Shea. An eclectic mixture extracted from experience, a wild ride of subjects incorporating the dark, the funny, mere observations, and poking fun at anything or anyone that needs it. Relatable, not redactable. The voice from a lost generation.

Alone My Dark Days

Alone My Dark Days is a powerful look at childhood. The story related is dark and sorrowful at times, full of heartache, loneliness, fear, terror, isolation, and terrible anxiety. It surely manages to show the resilience of a child, and transformation to adulthood in an uplifting way. Unique and therapeutic. If you have ever been hurt you will feel this story to your very bones.
This is Shay’s raw and compelling foray into his own childhood, a narrative of survival. Although the subject matter can be difficult, he felt an overpowering sense of release by writing the story and sincerely hopes that it in some way helps those who have been dealt a rough hand in life.
In his own words-
“writing is the greatest healer of humankind”.

Epic Absurdum
Out now!

Published June 24th 2022.  The second collection of poetry from the house of Shay, recalcitrant and rambunctious, repeatedly.  Extremely epic and ever so absurd.

The Grim of Mabus
Available now

A soothsayer-ish guide to the future through the medium of poetry and prose. Full of grim.

The Small Wee Fella

A light hearted look at the working life of Shay O'Shea. Starting work at the age of four, the story spans many amusing anecdotes and farcical situations for your delight. Available 2024.
Coming Soon

Collections ready soon !

Days of Dancing Pixies, Moondrops and Beams, Aphorism of Devotion, The Drizzled Jowls of Misery, The Quiet Giant and his Melancholy Goat, Patchworth Pig.

Several more under construction.